20 Insights about Multi-screeners

We uncovered a wealth of insight about multiscreeners in our study. Here we share a collection of insights and stats about this audience.  

  1. Smartphones are more important to people than TVs. 33% of ‘multi-screeners’ choose mobile vs. 28% who choose TV
  2. Screen addiction is widespread. 43% of ‘multi-screeners’ say they are addicted to using their devices
  3. Most tablets are left at home. Just 29% of ‘multi-screeners’ typically take tablets with them when going out
  4. TV often overshadowed by other screens. 59% of ‘multi-screeners’ regularly pay more attention to other devices when the TV is on
  5. Tablets are a sofa mainstay. 78% of ‘multi-screeners’ using tablets in the living room, distracting from TV
  6. Tablets are becoming a second TV for many. 38% of multi-screeners use their tablets weekly for TV or films and many watching in other rooms in the home
  7. Bedtime reading goes digital. 59% of ‘multi-screeners’ use their tablet computers in the bedroom
  8. Physical media still important. 73% of ‘multi-screeners’ still like to have copies of their favourite music, films & books
  9. It is not the end of the PC era but an increasing number (19%) of ‘multi-screeners’ say they could live without one
  10. PCs are still crucial in the online shopping process. 67% of ‘multi-screeners’ choose PCs before smartphones or tablets
  11. Mobiles are used more for product research (41% weekly) than for purchasing (31%) amongst ‘multi-screeners’
  12. Price comparison is increasingly prevalent in-store. 78% who have checked prices on mobile in-store have abandoned a purchase
  13. Being offline leads to stress. 49% of ‘multi-screeners’ agree they feel uneasy if can’t get online
  14. Tablets have overtaken smartphones and laptops for video clip and TV viewing amongst ‘multi-screeners’
  15. Old media is often seen as old news. 68% of ‘multi-screeners’ agree they usually already know news that’s on TV or in print
  16. Print books have more longevity than print newspapers and magazines. 61% of ‘multi-screeners’ prefer to read print books over screen - only 34% say the same for newspapers / magazines
  17. Do we want an app for that? ‘Multi-screeners’ prefer mobile site (46%) over an app (17%) for shopping. 
  18. App fatigue is setting in for many. 58% of ‘multi-screeners’ agree there are too many apps to choose from these days
  19. Multiscreening is leading to more savvy shopping. 58% of ‘multi-screeners’ agree smartphones makes it easier to get right product & price
  20. Tablets creating newly engaged gamers. Games the most popular app downloaded to tablets (62%) by ‘multi-screeners