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  • MEDIA DEVICE USAGE: Which devices are preferred for Sports, Films, Live TV, Catch-up, Video on demand, Music

  • MEDIA SUBSCRIPTIONS: Which Video on demand, Music and Print subscriptions are taken by multi-screeners

  • TRADITIONAL MEDIA IMPACT: How has viewing TV, print, gaming and music consumption changed since multiscreen adoption

  • IN STORE IMPACT: Which categories most affected by in-store price comparison; Use of in-store WiFi

  • SCREEN ADVERTISING: Which screen is most effective at converting advertising into action; Attitudes towards advertising

  • APPS: Apps vs. browser preference; App types downloaded; Favourite apps and reasons

  • COMMUNICATIONS: Usage of screens for email, social media, texts and the impact of multi-screening

  • DEVICE TYPES: Which size, brands and models of mobile and tablet do multi-screeners use 

  • SMARTWATCH POTENTIAL: Interest in smartwatches; Barriers / drivers of consideration; Brands that would be considered