Many people find it difficult to resist the lure of their screens. The impact of this can range from a lack of focus through to neglecting social lives, interests and work. 

Find myself spending too much time in front of a screen, mindlessly browsing
— Multiscreener, Female, Aged 35-44

You are obtainable 24 hours a day which can be a bad thing
— Multiscreener, Male, Aged 54-64


Being connected 24 / 7 brings many benefits but some multi-screeners long for the ability to switch-off and not to be always contactable. This is especially the case when outside of work time and on holiday.



Both within the home and when with friends some people say they are often distracted and do not give as much attention to other people as they used to. For some this is impacting relationships and becoming a barrier to spending time with others. 

I am often distracted as well as my family, from socialising with each other
— Multiscreener, Female, Aged 25-34

My attention span has deteriorated as I am constantly checking my devices
— Multiscreener


The amount of information that multiscreeners digest - new apps, pushed updates, social media, video and music - has increased markedly. As a result some find this overwhelming and need help sifting through to the information that matters and is relevant to them. 

Many possibilities for fraud, identity theft, companies accessing information
— Multiscreener



With screens now so integral to all aspects of our lives some worry about the information that is collected about them via their devices (XX%). Some are also less confident about the security of mobiles and tablets when compared to PCs.


Many now rely on their devices for information, communications and media. Their devices have become essential for everyday living - directions, contacts, travel news, addresses, appointments - without access many would struggle to go about their daily lives. 

“Dependent on access to instant information where ever I am!”
— Multiscreener
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